Experience the WRC from the driver's seat

WRC 8 is the official simulation of the World Rally Championship. Take the wheel of WRC, WRC 2, Junior WRC and various legendary cars, negotiating over 100 special stages of the championship's 14 rallies.

All-new physics

Year after year, Kylotonn has refined its physics engine (KT Engine) to create even more realism. Developed in collaboration with WRC drivers and engineers, the car physics are ever closer to those of real cars. With more precise turbos, limited-slip differentials, mass transfer, tyre types, wear and damage management, the accuracy and realism of WRC 8 reaches new heights.

Dynamic weather

Experience the dynamic weather of WRC 8 for an added gaming challenge. More than simple graphical effects, the weather has a real impact on driving conditions, forcing you to constantly adapt your trajectories and brake distances. With varied and unpredictable conditions over four periods of the day, you must contend with a new challenge at the start of each special stage.

100 stages and 14 rallies

WRC 8 has even more official and classic content than ever before with over 100 special stages to be raced over the 14 rallies of the 2019 season. Each stage offers unique courses that will test your reflexes and nerves to the extreme. Prepare to drive iconic World Rally Championship routes, experiencing stunning landscapes and famous locations behind the wheel of cars from four categories (WRC, WRC 2, Junior WRC and WRC Legends).

Simulation look & feel

In WRC 8 everything has been designed to put you right into the real world of rallying. Optimise your performances with precise and advanced car set-ups. Each part – including the turbo, brakes, gearbox, aerodynamics, tires, steering – can suffer from wear and damage from intense driving. And the realism is not just confined to gameplay: experience ultra-realistic art design and faithfully reproduced environments that rally fans will instantly recognise.

Are you ready to become a WRC driver?

Career mode has benefited from the biggest overhaul in this latest edition of WRC. You must now use strategy and quick wits as well as become an expert driver at the wheel. You will be involved in recruiting your crew and developing strategies for your races. You will also need to plan your events calendar every week to reach the top.

Crew management

Driving skills are not the only secret to success. You need to have the right crew behind you for each rally. And the right people come from choices that only you can make. There are several job roles with specific specialisations you need to fill: mechanics, agents, fitness trainers, meteorologists, finance managers and engineers.


Skill management

With the skill tree, you choose how to use R&D to improve your team. After each rally you accumulate points to spend in different areas: reliability, performance, team reputation and crew management.

Calendar management

Career mode is more than a mere series of races. You must plan and choose the events you want to take part in. Each event takes a toll on your crew's physical form but also provides resources. Different types of event are available, including official rallies, training events, manufacturer challenges and tryouts, classic cups and rest events to help your staff recuperate.

TV replays

With all-new cameras on the road sides, you can relive all the highlights from your race. There's nothing more thrilling than watching yourself push your car to the limits to shave off every second!

Feeling competitive ?

Pit yourself against the best drivers in the world in Online mode and weekly challenges. And for those who can't rest until they've reached the top, play eSports WRC to become the eSports WRC world champion!

Thrills and immersion

Racing game fans are always looking for the ultimate in performance, immersion and realism. And legions of gamers are also using racing wheels, where Force Feedback is central to the experience. Optimised for racing wheels, WRC 8 is compatible with a wide range of peripherals, including those from Thrustmaster, who were a development partner for the game. You will feel every bump in the road, loss of grip and surface change with the wheel in your hands.

eSports WRC - Season 4

Sponsorisé depuis 2015 par Hyundai, l'eSports WRC rassemble les meilleurs pilotes de la planète. Comme les pilotes du championnat, cumulez des points au fil des 14 manches de la saison et tentez de vous qualifier pour la finale. Entièrement gratuit, l'eSports WRC est le théâtre de batailles incroyables où les différences de temps se mesurent en centièmes de secondes. Plus de 10 000 pilotes s'affrontent chaque année pour tenter de décrocher le titre de Champion du Monde eSports WRC. Découvrez prochainement les détails de la prochaine saison et le calendrier. A partir de Janvier 2020.

Community Day

Since the release of WRC 5, Kylotonn and Bigben have prioritised listening to fans and gamers to see how to improve the game experience from year to year. Whether it's car physics, force feedback, game modes or rally atmosphere, the difference is in the details. This year, a group of the best WRC 7 players were invited to spend two days at Kylotonn's studios to refine the gaming experience and ensure WRC 8 would meet their high expectations.

Weekly challenges

To provide a regular challenge for the competitive racing fans out there, Weekly Challenges return in WRC 8. Everyone competes in the same stage, the same conditions and the same vehicle; it's up to the drivers and their car set-ups to make the difference.

Buy WRC 8 now

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